Marvel's Spider-Man: Was it Worth the Hype?

Marvel's Spider-Man: Was it Worth the Hype?

🎶 Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can! 🎶

In Sony's new exclusive "Marvel's Spider-Man" that just released for Playstation 4, you can most definitely do what ever a spider can... and much, MUCH, more! Let me start by saying, Spider-Man has been my favorite Marvel superhero ever since I was a kid. I collect the comics, I've seen all the movies, and played many other Spider-Man games over the years. To say that this was my most anticipated game of year would be an understatement. In preparation for this game, I started replaying some of my other favorite superhero games like Deadpool and Arkham City, and even dusted off the old PS2 to give some of the old Spider-Man games a play. Yet, none of those truly prepared me the adventure that Insomniac has brought to the table. 


When I first hopped into this game, I was absolutely blown away by the level of detail in the world that was put before me. To be fair, I am playing on a PS4 Pro with a 4k OLED television, which is not what most players will be experiencing this game on. Yet, I feel that this game will be stunning, even on a HD tv of the smallest size. Insomniac has preformed a miraculous feat, by incapsulating New York City into a beautifully realized open world, where I can zip through buildings, run on walls, and dive from the top of the Empire State building with such clarity. After a bit of practice and really honing in on the web slinging capabilities, gliding through the city was practically second nature and far more intuitive that some of the other Spider-Man games of the past.


Web slinging isn't utilized only for traversing through the city, it's one of my favorite components of the combat mechanics. Shooting webs at enemies, launching stealth attacks, and using your webs to launch yourself into foes makes the combat system complex and full of useful combinations to sweep through large waves of opponents. Being the RPG fan that I am, the weapon upgrade systems and gear building was an absolute treat. By collecting various tools in the game, you can upgrade move sets, equipment and costumes.  


One of the things that I believe makes this a fantastic iteration of the Spider-Man franchise, are the winks and nods thrown in for the die-hard fans of this Marvel universe. I smiled with pure delight as I fought familiar villains, and ran into beloved characters from the comics. Like running into Mary Jane during a mission, or chasing Shocker on hot pursuit. There are so many rewarding moments that you'll just have to play to find!


When it comes to boss battles, they are a challenge, but very predictable in my opinion. Fighting your enemies in waves of combat, thus leading you into short bursts of cut scenes was used for many of the boss fights, which was slightly repetitive.  Did it make them any less fun? Of course not! Each fight brought a touch of movie magic and sometimes made me forget I was the one controlling the actions. Like I said, playing in 4K, it was intense!


To answer the overall question: Does it live up to the hype? Yeah, most definitely! Is this game for your average gamer? Maybe not, but for the lifelong fans like me, the game is a great experience and well worth the money. Although the story isn't insanely long, it will give you a decent 15-20 hours of gameplay, and I know I personally will be jumping into this game from time to time just to fly through the city and find little hidden gems. I don't give number scores here at BP&J, but what I can leave you with is: THIS GAME IS DOPE! Give it a try, and if your a super hard core fan... you can get a sexy red PS4 Pro! Quick, get them before they are $1,000 on Ebay!  


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