Why 'Detroit: Become Human' isn't as bad as you think!

Why 'Detroit: Become Human' isn't as bad as you think!

      I'm not going to beat around the bush here, David Cage games have quite a reputation behind them. Poor writing, no 'actual' gameplay, and the infamous quick time events that most find annoying while progressing the story line. Let's not forget the spew of complaints about terribly awkward voice acting. While these statements aren't complete non-sense, you should take a few things into consideration before blaming the developers for a game YOU don't like. Now, if you are looking for an article that tears this game apart, critics the developers' writing choices, and feeds into the negative depiction of Quantic Dreams then this isn't the article for you. Feel free to scope out those reviews, as they are a dime a dozen. But, if you would like a honest review, and a small glimpse into what this game is and why it's not so bad, keep reading, it will be worth it!  

     If you haven't played a Quantic Dreams game such as Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls (Which is free in the playstation store for plus members this month), then you most likely already know why the average gaming community isn't a fan of these games. Most people would consider these 'movies with choices', which isn't an inaccurate statement. Yet, I think the people who are dragging these games are not the audience it's meant for. Some gamers, such as myself, enjoy sitting back and playing, and yes I said playing, a video game that is relaxed, and cinematic. I know I personally love sharing this game with non-gamers to show them how far video games have come graphically, or sharing with people who used to be gamers and being able to say 'can you believe game design has come this far since the original Playstation?' I agree that this game isn't for those who like strategic or tactical gameplay, and most defiantly not for the self-proclaimed 'hard-core gamer' crowd. Yet, I do think this is great if you want an interesting story with simple gameplay, but still want the feel of playing a game.      
      After a 50+ hour work week, I enjoyed playing this game and relaxing while the story unfolded before me, with beautiful graphics, and serving as a great means of escapism after a long day at work when I really don't have the reflexes to jump back into God of War or Monster Hunter World. I really enjoyed not having to rage quite this game and throw my sweet, sweet Playstation Pro controller across the room, causing it to meet a cruel fate. Not that I've ever done that before... I'd have no idea about that sort of thing.
      So, if you'd rather not spend the hefty $59.99 price tag for this on day one like I did, no sweat! Maybe try renting it from a rental service such as Gamefly or Redbox when it comes available. This game took me a little over 10 hours to complete, so you could easily rent this over a weekend and experience the full story and maybe replay a few chapters for a different story. You aren't missing a monumental experience, but I do think it's a great game to try out if you are a fan of the 'choose your own adventure' genre.  

      To say that these quicktime event games, or heavily story driven games are not actually 'games' because they don't offer some kind of action or turn-based combat, then I think maybe you should consider broadening your horizons to what a 'video game' can be. Consult your average mobile game user about how their tap-heavy gamep isn't real gameplay, and see how much they actually care. Looking at the bigger picture, the only way to get more games on the shelf and keep the wide variety we have now is to allow for those new waves of gamers to be included. Those who maybe aren't knowledgeable enough to pick up a combat heavy, upgrade dependent RPG, or those who have no interest 'getting good' at games like Call of Duty or Dark Souls. I think everyone has their genre they enjoy, and I know as someone who has a few gamer friends and a few non-gamer friends, I like to have the option of showing them something like Detroit: Become Human, or Beyond: Two Souls, both games that I enjoyed the experience, and the story. SUE ME! 

    Now, If you would like to give this game a shot, I've complied a short list of the three main characters you follow in the game, and my thoughts, with light spoilers, of their story incase you would like to know what you are getting yourself into. I suggest you skip this part if you don't want any spoilers... not that they aren't already in the trailers....

Classic David Cage, am I right? <--- Classic internet troll.


Markus: The Butler

If you watched the trailer linked above, you would have gotten a fair amount of the storyline from the 1 minute trailer. As you would have noticed, Markus is a butler for a rich elderly man, until he leave to become the face of the revolution of deviant androids. I think most people will find him to be the most fun to play as, since his story is overflowing with civil rights and slavery tropes. At the same time, it was also quite thought provoking if you are interested in those topics. I know not everyone cares about those kinds of topics, but as a minority, I found it rather moving. Markus ends up having some of the harder decisions to make in the game, hope you're ready for it!


Connor: The Detective

This guy here, is my favorite character in the game. I think you get the chance to say  witty, asshole cop remarks, and I loved it! I found myself speeding through the other two characters stories to find out what happens to him next. If you are a fan of cop shows or movies at all, I think you will have a similar opinion as me. You work as an assistant to the main detective on the android case, Hank, who is a bitter old cop who hates androids, go figure. I think it makes for some funny banter, and a bittersweet ending. Ultimately, the choice is yours, make Conner a total dick if you want to, see how it affects your story. Just remember, you can always replay it if you don't like the outcome. Or just keep going, you'll earn a trophy either way. 


Kara: The Nanny

This character is one I think more people will like than me. I did find her story compelling and I found myself rooting for her through most of the story. She's a very determined character, and doesn't take no for an answer... I mean... unless you tell her to. Yet, after the big twist in the plot, I was very much less sympathetic for her. Maybe I don't possess the deep love for children like most audiences would, or I just still have a strong aversion to escort missions.  But, when you get to that turning point, you'll know EXACTLY what I mean. If you do play the game and you don't know what I'm talking about, well, just drop me a note and we can have a conversation about it! ;)

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